Briefing: "Gender-responsive climate finance: The key to just climate action and tackling inequalities"

New expert paper looks at the gendered impacts of national and personal debt on a woman's ability to implement climate measures, and how this exacerbates inequalities, poverty and human rights. This briefing was prepared by Leia Achampong (Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer - Climate Finance at Eurodad) for UN Women. 

This briefing summarises the gendered nature of the financing instruments that are prioritised in climate finance. It also looks at the lack of access to finance that women face, the lack of institutionalised engagement of women in climate finance decision making and project selection, and the lack of transparency of the small amount of gender-responsive climate finance that is provided. Finally, it highlights the substantial data gaps on gender-responsive climate finance, and on how gender considerations have been integrated into climate finance processes. More information on UN Women's expert group meeting can be found here


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