Webinar - Reform or Regress? From the World Bank’s Evolution Roadmap to the Bridgetown Agenda - Webinar recording

This webinar aimed to be an explanatory primer for the CSO network to explore the World Bank’s recent ‘Evolution Roadmap’ and ‘Bridgetown Agenda’ proposals.

Watch the webinar:

The focus of the panel was an analysis of the current impetus for change and reform at the MDBs- also considering the hasty nomination of the World Bank’s new President in March 2023 as well as the upcoming Macron’s Financial Pact Summit. 


The event was moderated by Rebecca Thissen (CNCD 11.11.11)

Celine Tan is Professor of International Economic Law at University of Warwick
Mae Buenaventura is Senior Program Manager for Debt and Green Economic Building at APMDD, Asian Peoples' Movement on Debt and Development
Rodolfo Lahoy Jr. is Policy, Communications & Training Team Head at IBON International

If you are interested in this topic, click here to watch another webinar analysing the current proposals to transform the global financial architecture. 

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