A Rights-Based Economy: putting people and planet first

The report defines a rights-based economy as one that guarantees the material, social and environmental conditions necessary for all people to live with dignity on a flourishing planet. It sketches out some of the steps that would be needed to get there – from concrete policies to systemic shifts. The report challenges several entrenched notions about human rights – that they are irrevocably individualistic, that they are neutral on how resources should be redistributed, that they do not have radical potential. In doing so, it builds a vision for how a progressive understanding of human rights can illuminate economic policy choices. It also gives a birds-eye view of the different mindsets, models and measures needed to realize that vision.

Read the report.

Envisioning a rights-based economy and catalyzing action towards it is a central goal of ESCR new three year strategy. The report introduces some initial ideas. But there's more to flesh out and refine; to rethink and reimagine. 

contact point for this report:

Allison Corkery, 

Director of Strategy and Learning
Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR)

Tel: +27 (0)67 964 5914

Skype: allison.cesr

Twitter: @AllisonCorkery

Web: www.cesr.org

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