A tale of two emergencies - webinar

The climate emergency has become a wider focus of policy discussions around debt, as climate vulnerabilities increase the risk of debt crises in countries in the global south. Similarly, unsustainable debt levels can mean less fiscal space and opportunities to face the challenges of adaptation and mitigation, as well as to recover from loss and damage after a climate disaster.

Eurodad’s latest report focuses on how sovereign debt dynamics interact with climate finance and climate emergency impacts in the global south and vice-versa. The briefing, available in EnglishFrench, Spanish and Portuguese, looks at how climate crises exacerbate debt vulnerabilities but also how existing debt vulnerabilities weaken countries’ capacity to deal with the climate emergency. It also specifically looks at the cumulative impacts of climate and debt crises on women’s rights and gender justice. Finally, the briefing analyses the shortcomings of some of the current climate finance approaches and mechanisms in relation to the risks they pose to climate resilience and debt sustainability. The briefing also outlines some policy recommendations that could help countries in the global south deal with the interconnected impacts of sovereign debt and climate crises in a more fair and sustainable way.

Some useful resources that were shared during the webinar include:

Download the PPT presentation:

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