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Policy Forum 2021 - How do development finance, debt justice, climate justice and tax justice relate to each other?

Eurodad's vision is clear: we want to see a world in which wealth and power is equitably distributed, a world...

Eurodad Policy Forum 2021 - The Covid-19 crisis: Portal or dead end?

Recordings available in English, French and Spanish. Taking place back-to-back with COP26 and soon after the G20 summit, the Annual...
Nerea Craviotto

Eurodad webinar on Private Sector Instruments (PSIs)

This webinar on the OECD-DAC Provisional Reporting Methods for Private Sector Instruments addresses the current issues at stake and why it is important for CSOs to continue...
Nerea Craviotto

The OECD DAC: what is it, how is it impacting aid and development finance, and how can you engage with it?

The webinar is presented by Nerea Craviotto, Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer (Eurodad). 

CSO AID Observatorio Training Handbook 2020

RoA-AP and CPDE Asia created a training course to strengthen CSO capacities to monitor aid and promote CSO partnerships towards...