AidWatch 2021

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Dear all,

A few days ago, CONCORD Europe released the latest edition of the AidWatch Report. Since 2005, the AidWatch reports have monitored and made recommendations on the European Union’s ODA. On top of the analysis of EU ODA’s quantity and quality in 2020, this year’s report takes a detailed look at the commitment to development effectiveness in the new Team Europe approach. The report also contains an overview of the new Global Europe instrument (the new EU funding instrument for international cooperation over 2021-2027), as well a series of country pages with an analysis of ODA policy for EU Member States and the EU institutions.

As an innovation for this year’s edition, you may see the main findings at the new AidWatch online webpage, at the following link. From click-to-tweet functions and an interactive map of trends in EU ODA, this enhanced version also offers tools for civil society to call on decision-makers to uphold the commitment to Leave No One Behind. At that webpage, you can download the full report as a pdf document. 

Recommendations to the European Union

Based on our analysis and main findings (that you may find in the full report), we have put forward a series of timely recommendations to have more and better EU ODA. Therefore…

- The European Commission and the governments of the EU Member States should urgently make a renewed commitment to international cooperation and, in so doing, build more just and inclusive societies and achieve the SDGs by 2030.

- The European Commission and the EU Member States should address the shortfalls identified in this report in Team Europe architecture and focus this approach on development effectiveness.

- The European Commission and the EU Member States should jointly shape the agenda and the outcomes of the next UN Conference on LDCs by pursuing new, more ambitious ODA targets for LDCs.

These are just a few recommendations that the report contains. To read them all, check out the whole report or the online webpage.

Once again, we hope that you find these findings useful. We will remain, of course, available for any further exchange.

With best regards,


Riccardo Roba

Policy and Advocacy Adviser


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