Campaign launch: private lenders targeted

Dear all,


Today we launched a campaign targeting some of the biggest private lenders by projecting our demands to #CancelTheDebt straight onto their offices in central London.


As we are all well aware private lenders have been particularly unhelpful over the last year in efforts to secure debt cancellation or even suspension, which is why we decided to pressure them directly.


I’m emailing partly for information and partly if you want to retweet or amplify any of the content. Apologies this is all in English, we’d just planned this as a national action, but if anyone wants any more information or to discuss any of it please let me know.


As well as the projection we’ve set up email actions where people can email the CEO’s of some of the big banks and speculators directly. We are targeting HSBC, Blackrock, JP Morgan and UBS


Here are some useful materials if you would like to amplify the campaign:


I hope everyone is well!! #CancelTheDebt!!



Eva Watkinson (she/her)
Head of Campaigns
Jubilee Debt Campaign

Skype: eva.rose.watkinson
Twitter: @evawatkinson

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