Can the EIB become the EU development bank?

Ahead of the Finance in Common Summit that took place last week, we published our new report together with CEE Bankwatch Network: 'Can the EIB become the 'EU Development Bank?'

The report takes a critical approach towards the EIB's track record under its development mandate, in particular regarding how it takes into account human rights issues.

Our main conclusion is that the EIB is not yet fit for the task of becoming the new ‘EU Development Bank’. The report proposes concrete recommendations to reform the mandate and operations of the bank so that it can become a more accountable, transparent and sustainable institution.

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We are now on our 13th episode of our EU Watchdog Radio podcast, hosted jointly by Counter Balance and Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO).

In our latest episode, Xavier Sol, director at Counter Balance, digs into the role of the EIB outside of Europe and the bank’s intention to become the ‘EU Development Bank’.

Sit back and listen here or find us on Spotify, iTunes & Soundcloud.

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