A Pandemia da Dívida / Debt Pandemic

The Debt Pandemic: What Impacts For Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique?

Webinar in English and Portuguese


The pandemic crisis has exacerbated existing economic and social problems. The increase in indebtedness due to the health, social and economic crisis will have significant impacts in the next decade, with a great transfer of resources from debtor countries to external creditors - resources that are fundamental for the economic and social recovery. A few weeks after the Summit on Financing African Economies, where debt was one of the central issues of the debate, ACEP and the Portuguese NGDO Platform are organizing a session on the impact of the “debt pandemic” on African economies, with a special focus on Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique.
The panel will include:
Geraldo Martins, Economist and former Minister of Finance of Guinea-Bissau
Avelino Bonifácio, Former Minister of Economy of Cape Verde and ex-president of the Platform of NGOs of Cape Verde
Adriano Nuvunga, Director of the Center for Democracy and Development in Mozambique
Brief presentation
Rita Leote, Executive Director of the Portuguese NGDO Platform and Rita Cavaco, responsible for the debt matters at ACEP
Daniel Munevar, Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer at Eurodad - Presentation of the report "A Debt Pandemic: Dynamics and Implications of the 2020 Debt Crisis"
Sónia M. Lourenço, Journalist at Expresso

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