New online collection of reports on human rights impacts of development finance’s Covid-19 response

In early December, we will launch a micro-site to compile all the incredible case studies and reports around COVID-19 and development finance that Coalition members and partners have created. 

The micro-site will be searchable and sortable by country, development bank, language of report, issue area (such as transparency, debt, access to information, lack of specific support for vulnerable situations, lack of respect of environmental and social safeguards, etc.). It has been conceptualized by several groups, including DAR, FARN, Arab Watch Coalition, NGO Forum, WoMin and IAP.  

The intention is to create a collectively owned online space to analyze trends around human rights impacts of development finance responses during the Covid-19 pandemic. The microsite will be publicly accessible and you can use it to showcase your work, learn from others, make recommendations for the future, and identify partners for advocacy.

If your organization has published a report/analysis around these issues, please fill this Google Form by November 30 and we will be happy to help amplify your work during the launch of this collective collection. 

We already have a good start to the online collection. There will be country-level case studies by several members and partners of the Coalition supported by the Response and Vision Fund of the FORGE group of funders, groups working on the Early Warning System, and other reports, including for example,  “Kenya’s Pandemic Cash Transfer Program Riddled With Irregularities” by Human Rights Watch.

We are also currently working on:

  • a summary global analysis that will put together the main findings drawn from the case studies and their findings

  • a set of recommendations for DFIs (these will likely serve as the basis for future advocacy);

  • a participatory online global dialogue to exchange analysis and discuss key findings (date in 2022 still tbc).

We are looking forward to receiving your input for the online collection of resources on COVID-19 and development finance, and of course you are also welcome to add your reports after the launch of the micro-site as well!

Please reach out to me ([email protected]) if you have any questions and we will keep you posted on next steps.

All the best,


[email protected]


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