New report - Talking tax: how to win support for taxing wealth

This new report is the result of a major study into UK public attitudes on public spending, wealth and tax, doneth the public opinion research company Survation and the University of Sheffield. 

Their headline findings are:

- The tax justice movement has done a really good job at getting people to understand why tax avoidance is such a problem. We now need to keep offering practical solutions and hope that politicians will fix the system. And of course keep the pressure up to force change. 
- Conservative voter support for higher taxes has gone up during lockdown. They’re now more supportive of a range of taxes on wealth than the general public.
- There’s broad public support for higher taxes, especially on the well off. All the taxes that the UK government is apparently considering  are popular (higher levels of capital gains tax, reducing the pension tax benefits that higher earners get, higher corporation tax)
- People have an ambivalent relationship to wealth. On the one side it’s seen as crucial to achieving security for themselves and their families, so generic rich bashing goes down badly. On the other, people are concerned about inequality and want to see the rich taxed more.

There's more detail in this twitter thread: 
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