Over 80 CSOs send letter to IMF Board on upcoming Gender Strategy

Dear colleagues,


This week, over 80 civil society organisations sent a letter to the IMF Board calling for an open consultation on the upcoming Gender Strategy.


We are critically concerned that civil society consultation will be in name only and limited to commenting on an already finalized document, while women’s rights organizations from the Global South are left aside. We are therefore calling for the Board to support an open, widely accessible consultation process that allows civil society to submit written inputs to an actual draft or outline, and entails a transparent feedback process on how recommendations were integrated or not.


Please join our efforts to create pressure on the Board by re-sharing the letter to other outlets, tweeting/writing about it, and reaching out to your contacts at the IMF and Executive Directors’ offices to voice your support.


(The letter has been sent, but if you still want to sign on, we will update the list of signatories on our homepage later this week and will be happy to include you.)


If you would like to get involved in coordinating the civil society response to the gender strategy over the next months, including developing proposals and key messages, please look out for my upcoming messages and/or get in touch!


To join an initial coordination meeting next week, please fill out this When2Meet.


Thank you all,

In solidarity,


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