NGOs are watching Uganda (Government wants to stop PPPs in secondary education. Government plans to introduce a large new PPPP hospital similar to the one in Lesotho), Côte d'Ivoire (they work on education and PPPs), "Commission africaine des droits de l'homme et des peuples" on the right to water. 

Some reading:

Uganda (August, 2015): “Public-private partnerships in Uganda cost the country dearly”

WBG report on Uganda: “Uganda urged to look to private sector to fill finance gap” (July, 2017): - WBG “Infrastructure finance deficit: can PPPs fill the gap?”


“Recasting Recurrent Budgets for Economic Recovery in Uganda.”

“Why IMF should take Global lead in Debt Cancellation for LICs”:   

Discussion Paper No. 3 entitled, “COVID-19 and economic recovery for Uganda, going back to basics”.

Discussion Paper No. 4 entitled, “Converting current Loan stock of Low-Income Countries into Financing SDGs Grants”.

“Uganda amidst COVID-19: Healthcare financing through External Debt cancellation for LICs”.

Your contact points:

PPPs in Uganda are monitored by several organizations - Working on Africa PPPs: Matthew Martin, Xavier Sol, Afrodad, GI-ECSR, Wemos, Society for International Development (mailto: [email protected]), Arthur Muliro and Passy Amayo (Arthur Muliro <[email protected]>, Amayo Passy <[email protected]>),  ([email protected]); Joel Okao (SID, [email protected]), Adrian Chikowore <[email protected]>, Ashina Mtsumi <[email protected]>,, Dr Fanwell Kenala Bokosi <[email protected]>, Joel Okao <[email protected]>, "Kembabazi, Allana" <[email protected]>, Maria Jose Romero <[email protected]>, Motoko Aizawa <[email protected]>, Arthur Muliro <[email protected]>, Amayo Passy <[email protected]>. 

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