Tax Justice Focus: Black Lives Shattered

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I’m just writing to share the latest edition of Tax Justice Focus, which takes the theme of ‘Black Lives Shattered’. Guest editor Dara Latinwo – a One Young World ambassador – has brought together some excellent analyses of how tax havens and illicit financial flows have thwarted African development in the decades since many states won their independence from European empires. See the report at:
For this reason, any debate or discussion that is serious about tearing down racial injustice, rather than just statues, must include Africa
I’ve also taken the liberty of including a few sample tweets below, in case you might have a moment to help promote the publication on social media:
"For many in the West, Africa was perceived as a problem to be solved and not a partner for business." ~ W Gyude Moore writes about Africa's relationship with China #BlackLivesShattered
"‘Africa rising’ narratives often miss a central truth: Africa did rise...its proud pre-colonial past is a testament to this...before transatlantic slavery & colonialism shattered the continent’s sense of self & confidence" #BlackLivesShattered
“If you no longer have control over your currency as a nation, you no longer have control over what you produce, consume & exchange” ~ @nssylla on French imperial monetary order in Africa #BlackLivesShattered
"Capital flight from Africa is a modern-day reincarnation of the colonial state-led plunder of the continent’s natural resources" ~ Léonce Ndikumana #BlackLivesShattered
"Africa’s leading donors could increase the effectiveness of their aid to the continent by helping to plug the leakage of Africa’s wealth by denying a home to illicit flows from the continent" ~ Léonce Ndikumana #BlackLivesShattered
"The Global South hands $2tn to the Global North every year. And yet even if Africa’s external debt was to be cancelled today, the neocolonial mechanisms of extractive finance would quickly build up more" @FadhelKaboub on South to South trade #BlackLivesShattered
"There's a case to be made for a substantial transfer of financial & technological resources from the Global North to the Global South. This is not charity. This is a call for climate, colonial & neocolonial reparations" ~ @FadhelKaboub #BlackLivesShattered 
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