The Scale of Injustice

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Tax avoidance and evasion increase economic inequality and distort economies, especially in low-income countries.

Tax Justice Network has been a leading organising  producing research into the scale and scope of the offshore economy.

General estimates

Our 2017 Briefing Paper contains a collection of estimates, by TJN and by others, of the stock of wealth in offshore jurisdictions, and the scale of corporate and individual tax avoidance via tax havens.

Stock of wealth offshore

Estimates of the stock of wealth held offshore vary widely, not least because there is no agreed definition of what ‘offshore’ or ‘tax haven’ is, because of the secrecy involved, and because of weak official statistics. Estimates are relatively few.

  • Our first major set of estimates was our ground-breaking and widely cited 2005 report ‘The Price of Offshore’, estimating $11.5 trillion in wealth in offshore tax havens.
  • This was updated in 2012 in The Price of Offshore Revisited (POOR) which estimated, using broader data, that $21-32 trillion was stashed offshore. It, too, received global coverage.
  • In 2016, Henry updated his estimates to $24-32 trillion.
  • Gabriel Zucman and others have produced lower estimates – the equivalent of around 10 percent of world GDP held in tax havens – but we believe that these estimates are too low.

Multinational profit-shifting and annual offshore corporate tax losses

Our 2017 Briefing Paper outlines a range of estimates of multinational profit-shifting and consequent tax revenue losses, ranging from $500-650 billion a year globally. In more detail:

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