Video expert interviews - the need for private creditor legislation and the role of the G7

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we've published two video interviews with three eminent experts (Lee Buchheit, Anna Gelpern, Matthias Goldmann) on the need for private creditor legislation and the role of the G7. The first one is more general and directed at the G7 leaders' summit starting this weekend. The second is more technical (and much longer) about the role, elements and assessment of risks of national legislation. 
We will push out the first video today to remind the G7 of their responsibility, the second on Monday during the meeting of the G7 heads of states. The second can clearly be used in different contexts when discussing the usefulness of national legislation. We hope this is useful!
Help us share the videos on social media and address the German G7 presidency. Here comes an example tweet and the video links:
Video 1:

Current debt restructuring mechanisms are highly insufficient. Why #G7 should make private creditor participation a priority – check out what eminent experts @MattHGoldmann @AGelpern #LeeBuchheit have to say! Video by @erlassjahr and @FESonline. @G7 #G7GER

Video 2:

Private creditors are the most important creditor group for countries in the Global South - but most of them refuse to give debt relief. What role can national legislation in #G7 countries play? Expert interview by @erlassjahr and @FESonline

Tag below the video: @MattHGoldmann @AGelpern #LeeBuchheit @G7 @BMF_Bund 
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