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Financial Sector Rules | Online Trainings

Emy De Nardi

Webinar - Rebranding or reshaping the global financial architecture? MDBs reform, Bridgetown Initiative and the New Global Financial Pact

Building on Eurodad’s first webinar on the World Bank’s ‘Evolution Roadmap’ titled Reform or Regress? From the World Bank’s Evolution Roadmap...
Emy De Nardi

Webinar - Reform or Regress? From the World Bank’s Evolution Roadmap to the Bridgetown Agenda - Webinar recording

This webinar aimed to be an explanatory primer for the CSO network to explore the World Bank’s recent ‘Evolution Roadmap’...

Crash Course - What is Subordinate Financialization?

In this webinar from Crash Course Economics, Ewa Karwowski guides us through ways to quantify and recognize financialization in the...