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CSO - EU SCIMF Dialogue- November 2022

CSO - EU SCIMF Meeting- Background Brief, November 2022
Adrian Chikowore

Shining light on the EU’s new development bank

The new development arm of the European Investment Bank is expected to be instrumental to the success of the EU’s...
Hamdi Benslama

Eurodad members update on development finance and debt justice - April 2022

This update offers a summary of the key advocacy opportunities in the area of debt and development finance, a list...
Hamdi Benslama

Members' update from the development finance team - December 2021

In this update, we provide key highlights of the issues covered by the Eurodad Development Finance team, namely aid effectiveness,...

Inaction and wishful thinking: G20 summit shows why we must go back to true multilateralism

G20 leaders met in Rome last weekend (30 and 31 October) to address what they termed “today’s most pressing global challenges”....

Eurodad Members' update on development finance and debt justice - Autumn 2021

The update is focussed on the upcoming events, namely UNCTAD XV, the Annual Meetings of the World Bank Group and the International...
Chiara Mariotti

Update on the IMF 2021 Comprehensive Surveillance Review

In May 2021, the IMF published its 2021 Comprehensive Surveillance Review (2021 CSR), which takes stocks of the Fund’s policy...

Eurodad members' update on development finance - June 2021

Please find here a members' update from Eurodad's development finance team. 
Chiara Mariotti

Public services and human rights in the EU: two recent submissions

Two important submissions by GI-ESRC, one to the European Commission on the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights and...

IMF/World Bank Bretton Woods Project - Annual Meetings and Civil Society Policy Forum analysis, briefings, letters

Through this update, the Bretton Woods Project is providing CSOs with an in-depth analysis of IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings and Civil...