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Gender | Online Trainings

SYSTÅM DËBT - How to become a wealthy creditor

In this video with subtitles in 4 languages (FR, NL, EN, ES), ZIN TV, Entraide et Fraternité and the CADTM...

Second gender lunch: GAP3: A missed opportunity to advance gender and economic justice?

Speakers: Alexandra Rosen (Policy and Advocacy Coordinator, CONCORD), Isabelle Brachet (Senior EU Advocacy Advisor, ActionAid), Cecilia Gondard (Eurodad, moderator)

First Gender Lunch: how to enhance women's participation?

Speakers: Joanna Maycock (European Women's Lobby), Augusta Ramaccioni and Eleonora del Vecchio (The Brussels Binder), Ilaria Crotti (Eurodad, moderator).

Capital versus Life? Corporate Capture: Financialization & Financial Extractivism

Webinar by Women’s Working Group on Financing for Development

Covid-19 and the informal economy

By International Centre for Tax and Development.

IAFFE webinar series and resources on Covid19 and gender

By the International Association for Feminist Economics

Women's rights and climate finance: WEDO webinar series

By Womens and Environment Development Organisation (WEDO)

UN Women - How to conduct gender mainstreaming within an organisation

Gender Mainstreaming is the process of assessing the implications for women and men of any planned action, including legislation, policies...

What is intersectionality? The intersectional feminist approach.

Kimberlé Crenshaw TED talk: The urgency of intersectionality