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Gender Justice | Reports and Briefings

Briefing: "Gender-responsive climate finance: The key to just climate action and tackling inequalities"

New expert paper looks at the gendered impacts of national and personal debt on a woman's ability to implement climate measures,...

Framing Feminist Taxation Vol. 2

The Global Alliance for Tax Justice (GATJ)’s Tax and Gender Working Group, together with ActionAid International, Akina Mama wa Afrika...

Development Finance for Gender-Responsive Climate Action

This paper provides an overview of how members of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) are integrating gender equality and climate action...

It’s time to decolonise our multilateral system for climate justice

A very inspiring article by Priya Lukka, Esther Stanford-Xosei and Bhumika Muchhala
UN Women

Beyond COVID-19: A feminist plan for sustainability and social justice

As the world learns to live with COVID-19, to emerge from the current crisis, and to “build back better”, UN...
Bretton Woods Project

New BWP report: The World Bank’s macroeconomic policies and women’s rights

Written by Ella Hopkins - with a collaborative effort between the Bretton Woods Project, the Gender and Development Network (GADN), International Women’s...
Sanam Amin

Feminist principles: the private sector and multilateralism

The Feminist Economic Justice for People & Planet Action Nexus is led by four key partners - who also serve as...
Bhumika Muchhala

A feminist and decolonial global Green New Deal: principles, paradigms, and systemic transformations

The Feminist Economic Justice for People & Planet Action Nexus is led by four key partners - who also serve...
Diyana Yahaya

A Feminist Agenda for People and Planet: Principles and Recommendations for a Global Feminist Economic Justice Agenda

The Feminist Economic Justice for People & Planet Action Nexus is led by four key partners—who also serve as co-leads...
Global Alliance for Tax Justice

Framing Feminist Taxation: Making Taxes Work for Women

New publication provides guidance and recommendations for policy-making and advocacy that can influence and change our current economic and tax...

Covid-19: A feminist perspective

In this two-part blog to mark International Women's Day, Eurodad experts explore the impact of the pandemic from a feminist...

Eurodad Strategic Plan

Eurodad's Strategic Plan sets ambitious goals to help achieve: tax justice to stem the loss of resources in developing countries; ending debt crises...

Realising women's rights: the role of public debt in Africa

By Gender And Development Network and Jubilee Debt Campaign. 

Gender and Climate Finance

Climate Finance Fundamentals Briefing by Liane Schalatek, Heinrich Böll Stiftung North America, and Smita Nakhooda, Overseas Development Institute.

Care debt: patriarchy and capital on the offensive, feminist economics as a proposal

Published by Debt Observatory in Globalisation (ODG)
Veronica Serafini

World Bank and IMF response to debt crisis undermines women’s rights

Analysis by Eurodad and Latindadd.
Veronica Serafini

Una nueva crisis de deuda amenaza los derechos de las mujeres

El elevado nivel de endeudamiento y los crecientes pagos de deuda en muchos países del Sur está esquilmando los recursos...

FEMNET - Rekindling the Beijing Fire of Revolution: Africa Beijing+25 Parallel Report

Report by FEMNET, the Africa Women's Development and Communication Network. 

The impact of PPPs on gender equality and women's rights

As public-private partnerships (PPPs) are increasingly promoted, concerns about their impact are rising. 

Are they really gender equality projects?

An examination of donors’ gender-mainstreamed and gender-equality focused projects to assess the quality of gender-marked projects. By Oxfam.

Debt and gender equality: How debt-servicing conditions harm women in Africa

by Dinah Musindarwezo (Womankind Worldwide) and Tim Jones (Jubilee Debt Campaign UK)
Maria Jose Romero

¿Pueden las Asociaciones Público-Privadas promover la igualdad de género?

Las Asociaciones Público-Privadas (APP) vienen siendo activamente impulsadas por los gobiernos donantes y las instituciones financieras internacionales para financiar servicios...
Maria Jose Romero

Can public-private partnerships deliver gender equality?

Support for PPPs runs counter to governments’ commitments to promote gender equality and the fulfilment of women’s rights under Agenda...

The IMF and Gender Equality: Operationalising Change

By the Bretton Woods Project.  This work is part of the Gender Equality and Macroeconomics (GEM) project, a collaborative effort...

Realising women's rights: the role of public debt in Africa

Briefing by Femnet and the Gender and Development Network. 

Gender and Climate Finance

By Global Gender and Climate Alliance